You Don’t have to be smart to be successful by Jack Ma


I was the first I know nothing about technology I know that nothing aboutmanagement I know nothing but but the00:19only thing is that you don’t have to00:20know a lot of things you have to find00:22the people who are smart to you up for00:24so many years I always try to find00:27people who smart than I am and when you00:31find so many smart people my job is to00:34make sure the smart people can work it00:36together and then if smart people can00:42work it together it’s easier the vision00:44you believe because if stupid people can00:48work it together easily smart people can00:50never work together00:53[Music]00:57when you have 20 to 30 years old you01:01should have follow a good boss joining a01:04good company to learn how to do things01:06properly when you’re 30 to 40 years old01:11if you want to do something yourself01:13just do it01:14your still can’t afford to lose to Phil01:18but when you have 40 to 50 years old my01:22suggestion is that you should do things01:26that you are good at right and not do01:30things that oh that’s very interesting I01:31want to try something new01:33it’s be dangerous more when you’re 50 to01:3560 years old01:37spending time training and developing01:39young people the next generation when01:41you’re over 60 years old better stay01:44with your grandchildren01:46[Music]01:50I think globalization cannot be stopped01:55nobody can stop globalization nobody can01:58stop trade I think globalization to the02:01fantastic jobs in the past of 30 years02:04being rich lot of countries but of02:08course cost a lot of poverty right young02:12people do not have opportunities small02:14business have done opportunities develop02:17um developing countries were neglected02:19but it’s only 30 years it’s a baby today02:24we have a better technology we have a02:28better knowledge about globalization and02:30it’s our generations responsibility or02:36opportunity to improve it tell me how02:40can stop globalization02:44[Music]02:47education it’s a good big challenge now02:51if we do not change the way we teach 3002:57years later we’ll be trouble because the02:59way we teach the thing we talk teach our03:02kids are the things past 200 is03:05knowledge-based and we cannot teach our03:10kids to compete with machine will be03:12smarter we have to teach something03:16unique that is machine can never catch03:18up with us03:21[Music]03:24I never thought I could be a CEO I never03:28thought I’d later I become a good CEO03:31one of the thing I learned from teachers03:34as a teacher very important a character03:37of a teacher is the teacher always03:39expect his students better if you don’t03:42have this kind of thinking it’s a visa03:46it allows group it’s a terrible teacher03:50[Music]English (auto-generated)


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